About me

ok, i had so many blogs as you can see by the littles banners besides. one comic-blog all in french, two mothering blogs (one in italian and one in french) and also an arty blog (the “true hate art gallery” one) that once was the gallery-i-ruled’s blog but now that the gallery is closed, i try to keep it alive by showing on it the art i dig. and last but not least, there is my website that it’s actually quite a blog.

so, why another blog? because i noticed that i didn’t have a blog to show my illustrations and comics, nothing in english anyway. by opening this blog i feel like startin’ a new adventure, i feel like fievel (it’s just a joke, but i found it funny to call the blog “nicoz goes west”), i like to dream that one day i’ll live in brooklyn or in san francisco, but for the moment i’m here, in france, quite stuck still with the works and family and all (uh, by the way i’m italian, and i miss my home town -rome- a lot.)


6 Responses to About me

  1. abandonsheep says:

    New reader here~ So glad i found your blog. :) Beautiful Illustrations. So cute. :P

  2. mi sono persa a leggere le tue avventure di mamma e sono approdata al tuo blog di illustrazione! bellissimi tutti e due :)

  3. Jay says:

    Just found your blog.. at 1:30 am procrastinating on homework.. haha, but seriously, your journaling is the BEST and I love it. What markers do you use? So so pretty.

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