at my studio

(you can see it also here)

Hi everybody! sorry for the few posting. as u can see in the little “what i wore today”, i worked on new pyrography for a nice project: a fancy book from Mathias Malzieu that is out right now. in this book are tons of very good illustrators such: abrice Backes, Bafefit, Murielle Belin, R. Belle, Bleuz, Nicoletta Ceccoli, Ciou, Xavier Collette, Adolie Day, Barbara d’Antuono, Fabrice Delaunay, Fabesko, Christophe Goussault, Anne-Marie Hugot, Victor Jaquier, Daniel Johnston, Juan, Benjamin Lacombe, Isabelle Lameloise, Kim, Mélanie Le Portier, Lisa, LostFish, mad meg, G. Malzieu, Mamzelle Mamath, Martin Maniez, Elizabeth McGrath, Miette, Mllzfannib, Moon, Nagua, Gonzague Octaville, Hélène Pé, Dora Protoulis, Paul Toupet, Mr Tifabar, Peggy V. et Yaëlle and so on…

here are the two works i did:

this is the one you can see in my "what i wore today"

this is a shitty pic, i must really learn to take photos of my pyrographies

(and this is the book: “métamorphose en bord de ciel” de Mathias Malzieu)

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